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Welcome to a Journey of Transformation

Ever felt the urge to break through barriers but found yourself anchored by limitations? Karen Caplan, your growth catalyst, is here to spark the change you seek.

With more than three decades of leadership experience, Karen Caplan can help guide you to grow professionally in your company role, in your industry and in your personal life. She has seen obstacles and can help you navigate as you move through life. There is no single roadmap for successful executive coaching; Karen says experience is the best teacher.

Years of

Why Karen?

Experience, Expertise, and a Personal Touch

Individualized Coaching Programs

Karen’s approach is not a cookie-cutter program. Your first session together will be spent uncovering what your goals are (both professional and personal) and what you see as your biggest obstacles. Then your executive coaching journey will begin customized to your needs.

Deep-rooted Expertise

Karen has a track record of creating growth in sales, profits and people development.

She has dealt with family members (and others who want to be treated like family), made difficult diversions, had fierce conversations, and pivoted the company direction away from it’s founder’s mandate. Karen can guide you through first hand experience.

Track Record of Leadership

In addition to leading her family produce business as CEO, Karen was elected as a Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of SF, LA Branch, was selected to Chair several industry trade associations and served as an advisor to USDA. She is a respected leader in all aspects of her life.

Meet Karen

Karen Caplan knows a lot about exotic produce and running a profitable, thriving business.  After all, produce is in her blood.  She started working at the age of 10, working summers for her mother, Frieda Rapoport Caplan, who founded Frieda’s Specialty Produce on the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market.  Frieda was the first woman to own and operate a wholesale produce company in the USA.

After graduating with a degree in Agricultural Economics and Business Management from the University of California- Davis, Karen joined the company full time.  By the age of 30, she convinced her mother to make her the company President and CEO.  Karen grew the company from a fledgling local wholesaler into a national powerhouse.  Under Karen’s leadership, the company grew into the best known and most respected produce company in the US produce industry.  By rebranding the look and feel of the company’s packaging, she created the best-selling brand in the category, with 30% higher velocity than the next leading competitor.

Karen is strategic, direct and charismatic. As a prior CEO and business leader, Karen’s first hand experience coupled with her natural coaching ability, skilled mentorship and warm demeanor, makes her a unique and effective coach..

Work with Karen

Karen loves working with successful executives who recognize they will benefit from having a coach who will tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. Karen’s mantra is: How you do anything is how you do everything.

If you want to see if you are a match for Karen’s style and process, schedule a 60-minute phone call here.

Executive Coaching

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What’s on Karen’s Plate?

Karen’s weekly newsletter

After decades as a CEO, Karen was inspired by Whole Foods founder and former CEO, John Mackey, who started his own blog. Both Karen and John feel a CEO should have a way to express their own voice, separate from their role as CEO. In 2011, Karen started her own blog, ‘What’s on Karen’s Plate?’. She initially focused on produce and marketing but found her followers also appreciated her honest and authentic musing about life, business, family and everything in-between.

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