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Executive Coaching​

Personalized Coaching for Maximum Impact

Karen brings 4 specific dimensions to her coaching clients:



Karen is a direct communicator who will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

When you’re a senior leader in an enterprise, holding others and yourself accountable can be challenging and frustrating. You can count on me to challenge and support you to get things done. We all need someone to hold us accountable so we are moving forward. During our regular meetings, you will experience that accountability from me.



Focus precedes success. I will ask you to identify your top 2-3 goals when we start our working relationship. Based on my experience, you won’t make significant progress unless you are dialed into those top two to three. Over time, as you are making progress, we can move into your next tier of goals.



My network of resources has depth and breadth. When you are stuck and need a connection for any part of your business or personal life, chances are I can be your “go to” resource for new connection.


Sounding Board

Yes, it is lonely at the top.  And, sometimes you just need to brainstorm or have a fresh set of eyes consider an idea you have, with no hidden agenda. I can be your sounding board and because I’ve done your job before, I will give you feedback from the CEO or senior leaders’ perspective. Sometime I will be that devil’s advocate to challenge your thinking and we can explore all the “what ifs”.

Executive Business Coach

Your first session with Karen will be filled with questions uncovering your goals, your biggest challenges and what does success look like for you in 6 months, 12 months and 24 months. Be prepared for Karen’s direct style. We will set a schedule of 90 minute zoom sessions to ensure you are making progress. Karen is also available for calls in between for those urgent and important issues that come up in a business executive’s role. It is critical that you share any and all company background information to give Karen the full picture. Be prepared for lots of questions which will enable Karen to be the best coach for you.

Professional Development

Some coaching clients know their strengths and weaknesses and need a partner to help them make progress.  Or perhaps you want to expand your role and need to develop new skills. Karen’s philosophy is “How you do anything is how you do everything” and she will introduce you to systems and processes to assist with your professional growth. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable at times, but the juice will be worth the squeeze. Depending on the situation, clients will either have coaching sessions with Karen once or twice a month, for 90 minutes per session, to create a professional development plan. You will have 2-3 pre-identified goals you want to achieve and Karen will hold you accountable to making progress.


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