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Business Cards: Don’t leave home without them!

I am getting ready to pack for another business trip soon, so I need to make sure I have enough business cards. When should you carry business cards? Always. And I mean always. There is never a time when I leave my house without them:

    • Heading to a baby shower. Business cards in my purse.
    • Attending a training conference. Business card holder in my briefcase.
    • Going to a cocktail party, wedding or Bat Mitzvah. A few loose cards tucked in my evening bag.
  • Going to a convention. Filled business card holder in my purse and Ziploc bag with 100 backup cards. (Ziploc baggies are so handy!)

Hint for guys: Please keep fresh business cards in your wallet! I just hate when guys start digging through their wallets looking for their business card and finally pull out a crumpled one, often with a phone number written on the back! Guys, you are always networking, so keep at least 5 to 8 fresh business cards on hand.

And, speaking of writing on the back of a business card, that’s why the backs of cards are blank. So you can write a note — a follow-up note. So, tell your company’s marketing department: Don’t print anything on the back, and don’t print on glossy paper that makes your pen smear.

Hint for students and the unemployed: Print your own business cards. Don’t worry about a fancy logo. Just make sure the font is clear and easy to read. Include your email address and cell phone number. You can order them online, or print them on your home computer (or at FedEx Office, Staples, etc.). Hey, you’re looking for that next great employment opportunity, aren’t you? Be prepared.

…And always carry them. Even if you’re on vacation. You never know when you will meet someone who you want to be in contact with.


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