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Forget new year’s resolutions

For years, I created new year’s resolutions and frankly they seemed like the same ones every year.  I worked on them briefly and hurriedly the last few days of the year.  They usually were focused around getting healthier.  You know: exercise more, lose weight, drink less.

Well, I have stopped doing new year’s resolutions as all they did was make me feel disappointed in myself and a bit of a failure.  How about you?

Instead, I started looking at the whole year and envisioning what I wanted to be able to say I accomplished by the end of the year.

Instead of worrying about the number on the scale, I have created some fitness goals around my physical strength.  Last year I worked with a fitness trainer for 10 months to prepare me for hiking Machu Picchu.

With that kind of goal, I created a weekly plan for how much and what kinds of workouts I wanted to do.  Walking mileage weekly, # of upper and lower body workouts, weights for strength and yoga for stretching and flexibility.

As far as food goes, I noticed what foods make me feel good and which ones make me feel sluggish and bloated.  My goal for this year is to eat more of the foods that make me feel good and reduce the amount of those other foods (for me, they are red meat, cheese, wine and bread).  I refuse to beat myself up when I eat any of them (like I did this past weekend on the golf course), but rather I notice how I feel and how I want to feel. And I am doing my best to be mindful of my food choices.  But we all splurge every once in a while, so chocolate is still okay for me!

The one new thing I have added to my repertoire is I have created a gratitude journal.  I have never been one to write in a journal, even though I know so many people who do so.  But, miss a day and you can easily feel defeated and discouraged.  My youngest daughter Sophia and I just talked about it this weekend and coincidentally we both have started a gratitude journal, but neither of us expect to write in it every day.

Why did I decide to start this journal?  Because I read an article (or maybe it was a book) that stated if you focus at the end of the day on one good thing  you experienced that day, it can change your mindset.  To be more positive.  Gives you a bit of a euphoric feeling.

So, are you doing anything special to kick off the new year?  Any reflections from last year or goals for 2024?

I’m excited about what the new year holds!  And I hope you have framed yourself to have a GROWTH mindset.  Remember, anything is possible!

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