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How DO you open a young coconut?

Well, for sure, coconut is a trending flavor. It feels like coconut is everywhere. Rows and rows of packaged coconut water are in your grocery store or at the gym; shredded chunks of fresh coconut can be found in the refrigerated section of the produce department; and coconut cupcakes, coconut milk, and coconut water are definitely everywhere you look.

Although I have purchased Tetra-packed coconut water on occasion, for me there is something not quite right about drinking coconut water from a plastic container.

I want the real deal.

I prefer to drink the coconut water right out of the coconut. At first, I honestly was a little intimidated by those big white coconuts wrapped in plastic. (Full disclosure: We sell young coconuts here at Frieda’s, but they were still intimidating to me!)


So, I thought I would share with you the secret to cutting into a young coconut.

First of all, the coconut MUST be refrigerated. If you see young coconuts in your produce department sitting with a bunch of other fruits at room temperature, do not purchase them. They may go sour and they most likely will not taste good. We store them at the coldest temperature in our warehouse and they must be refrigerated in your produce department. When you get them home, they should go right into your refrigerator.

What’s so special about the young coconut is that, in addition to the sweet juice on the inside, the “meat” isn’t fully matured, so it’s still soft and creamy. It’s perfect for smoothies and smoothie bowls.

Since I am not the only person who can’t figure out how to open a young coconut, some of my fellow coworkers produced this 15-second video. Take a look:

[Internet Explorer users may not be able to view the video below. In that case, view it on YouTube here.]

How to open a young coconut. #YoungCoconut #FriedasQuickBite #CoconutWater #HowTo #FriedasProduce

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If you are looking to shred coconut or chop the meat into chunks, you will need to purchase a brown coconut. The brown-skinned coconuts are more mature and the inside meat is firm, but still slightly moist. Brown coconuts should be available in your produce department, and do not need to be refrigerated. Most likely you will find them near the tropical fruit section.

So, next time you are thinking about a trip to paradise, or you just want to make a tropical meal or drink, go all out and try your hand at a young coconut. You’ll impress everyone!


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