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I stand corrected

I wrote a blog post in March 2012 entitled “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet,” and there have been a lot of comments left on the post. So many comments, in fact, I feel it’s appropriate to respond.

As you can see in the blog post, several friends asked me whether or not it was a good idea to wash their strawberries in a water and vinegar solution in order to prevent mold. I had never heard of that method, so I contacted a respected colleague who has worked in the strawberry industry for decades. He had never heard of this method either.

What I did NOT do, and what I should have done, was some additional, online research about mold prevention on strawberries. So, now I have done my research.

This particular article was insightful. Along the lines of what I often write about fruits and vegetables, I have found that it is best to only purchase enough fruits and vegetables to consume within 3-4 days and to NOT wash them until I am ready to consume or cook them. Once you wash a produce item, you have introduced moisture, which will often times hasten the onset of mold.

And, by the way, I always wash my produce. Always. I even wash bananas before I peel them.

With regards to the original question about a vinegar wash for strawberries, one person who commented on my blog post shared an article from National Public Radio (NPR) about the best way to clean your produce. The article is an easy read and, most importantly, it emphasizes the importance of thoroughly washing your fresh produce before you eat or cook with it.

This reaction to my blog reminded me of the importance of thoroughly researching topics before sharing my opinion. I sincerely appreciate the several people who commented on my post.

But, to be clear, although washing with a vinegar solution helps clean your produce, I am not sure it will prevent mold. But, then again, I eat my produce so fast, I do not often see mold on my produce.


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