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Inspired in San Antonio

I was in San Antonio this past weekend visiting with friends and I was so happy that the hotel we were staying in had a good gym. (The Embassy Suites around Texas are pretty decent.)

So, early Saturday morning, after a swig of coffee, I was down at the gym. There were not too many people working out, but there was one energetic woman running on the treadmill, sweating like crazy.

As I started my treadmill walking-backwards routine, she and I began talking. Turns out, Julie (that’s her name) was in town all week for a national oncology conference. Julie is 35 years old, and a research doctor for a large pharmaceutical company in Boston.

Not sure how we got on this subject, but she told me that she has always been an avid runner. However, about two years ago, she woke up and could not move her lower body.

Turns out she had developed hip dysplasia. (I honestly thought only dogs got this condition. Learn more here.) After more than a dozen surgeries on her left side and one surgery on her right, she was told she would never walk, let alone run again.

But, she told me that one day, she decided she was going to stop believing what her doctors told her and threw her cane out the window! (No, she did not hurt anyone.)

And she started pushing herself to walk, and then finally run. She shared that her normal workout is two hours a day running on the treadmill and one hour of weight-lifting.

I was inspired beyond belief as I talked with this amazing woman. Just two years ago she could not get on a treadmill or do simple things that I take for granted. She just said, “I can.” No matter what obstacle was in front of her – she overcame it.

So I decided right then and there, that, I too, could do what seems impossible to me. Being fit through regular exercise is such an important part of being healthy that I decided if Julie could do it, then I most certainly can.

Will you join me? As we go into the craziness of the holidays and the New Year, I challenge you to make a commitment to your own personal fitness. Make a commitment to a regular exercise regime. I know it is different for each of us, but make a commitment.

And push yourself to go beyond what is comfortable. Just think – Julie did!

Happy Exercising,

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