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Frieda's Specialty Product - What's on Karen's Plate? - 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing

Is Every Headline Newsworthy?

I call it “media fatigue.” I think you know what I mean. You turn on the TV or radio, and listen to various pitches for the upcoming news. It usually includes some “sensational” one-liner that is meant to catch our attention and make us not want to miss the news.

“Fire threatens hundreds of homes near you!”

“The cure for cancer is near!”

“Watch this exclusive video of the Police Chief of Los Angeles in handcuffs!” (This one was really in the headlines a few days ago.)

And what do you usually find out? That maybe they weren’t telling the whole truth about the story, but they just wanted to get you to tune in.

Well, I’ve noticed a trend. Many companies in my industry have begun to use this same sensational headline approach with their press releases. I assume they do this to improve the chances that a paper or magazine will print the release in the hope that it will help increase sales.

But I don’t think readers are that naive.

Sometimes it’s easier to see this in a visual form. Thanks to my friend Liliana who posted this on Facebook.

Frieda's Specialty Product - What's on Karen's Plate? - 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing

Bottom line is this: if you do marketing for a living—which most of us do, in some way, shape, or form—please give your audience credit and recognize that they will appreciate hearing REAL news and HONEST information. Plus, they don’t want their email inbox filled up with JUNK. It’s just a turnoff.

Keep it real out there,


P.S. This is also why I asked my marketing team to put a moratorium on all of our press release a few weeks leading up to the biggest annual trade show last month. I figured that our trade publications would be deluged with dozens of other companies, all “shouting” loudly and only getting louder. I felt it was pointless to add to the noise and encouraged other companies to do the same.

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