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Lessons from the rain cloud

Each day in Kauai my goal is to take a long walk.

I love to exercise while on vacation and I have always enjoyed taking advantage of the time change and getting up early and walking long distances. My second day here, I decided to take a round-trip walk to the local grocery store, which is about 4 miles.

In Kauai, it will always rain during the morning, so I tried to time my walk to avoid the rain. No such luck.

Just as I reached mile 2 and was heading back, the drizzle started. So I ran over to the nearest building to take cover and then the downpour began. I waited and checked all my emails, played Words with Friends and posted on Facebook, but after 15 minutes of continuous rain, I didn’t think it would stop. I texted my daughter Alex asking if she could jump in the car and come get me, but wait … the clouds were dissipating in the distance and I thought I saw some sunlight. 

So I texted her to wait.

And sure enough, by patiently waiting for the rain clouds to finish, the sun did come up and I was able to walk home. And what a great metaphor about life. How many times are we on a “walk” and a rain cloud appears.

We get delayed, side-tracked or frustrated. We consider altering our course because that “rain cloud” is annoying us. What if we just sit it out, take a deep breath, and not let it affect us. We think of it as a “welcome break.” And then when our personal rain cloud disappears, we can resume our course. Or we can alter our course.

But, we aren’t hasty. We are measured and thoughtful. Sometimes a rain cloud appears just to make you slow down and think. Consider alternatives. Rest your mind and body. What a great lesson to learn while walking the roads of Princeville, Kauai in the rain.

Aloha and Mahalo!


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