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The Power of Voice Mail

With so many of us using our mobile number as our primary business number, have you given any thought to the message you recorded?

I’m guessing you are like most people, and have a standard voice message that sounds like this:

“Hello, you have reached the voicemail of Karen Caplan.  Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you.”

Sounds familiar?

If you are the one listening to the message, it’s pretty vanilla.  You might hang up and just send the person a text. Sending a text takes extra work.

What if the voicemail sounded like this:

 “Hello, this is Karen Caplan and it is Wednesday March 27.  I am working from my California office today and will be available all morning but will be in a Zoom meeting between 1pm to 3pm coaching a client.  Please leave a detailed message with your name, your number and the best time to call you back and I promise to return your call no later than 5pm today. Have a FANTASTIC day!”

If you are calling me and get my voicemail, you know that I am in the office today and will return your call by EOB. You can also surmise that I change my voicemail message everyday, since I mentioned the date.  And if you actually heard my voicemail (instead of reading it), you will hear the high energy and enthusiasm in my voice.

For more than 20 years, I have changed my voice mail daily and I have received countless voicemail messages saying it was the most interesting voicemail ever and they want to call it sometimes just to hear the message, to get pumped up!

What kind of impression do you want to give people when they hear your voicemail?  If you’re in sales, and you are with a client or attending a training session, your voicemail message for the day might be:

 “Hello, this is Karen Caplan and it is Wednesday March 27.  Today I am visiting one of my clients, helping them grow their leadership and executive skills and working with their sales team to teach them how to listen better and ask great questions, so they can better assist their clients. Please leave me a detailed message with your name, number and the best time to call you back and I promise to call you back by EOB today. Make it an AWESOME day!”

For my client, I would encourage them and their team to update their voicemail today with this message:

“Hello, this is Jodie Smith with Grapes International and it is Wednesday, March 27.  I work for a fantastic company because they are investing in my professional sales skills and have arranged for me to spend this afternoon with a professional trainer to make me better at servicing you! I can’t wait to call you back and share some of what I learned.  Please leave me your name, number, the time you called and a brief message and the best time to call you back and I will return your call when I get a break, or at the end of the day.  Have a GREAT day!  I sure will.”

Think about it.  Your voicemail says a lot about you. It doesn’t take much time to change your voicemail each day.  It’s really a service to those who call you.  They will appreciate it.  And if you want to hear what my voicemail message really sounds like today, feel free to call +1-562-688-4673.

Have a FANTASTIC day!

Onward and upward,

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