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Today is International Women’s Day

Since the early 1900s, March 8th has been observed as International Women’s Day. When I woke up this morning at a hotel in Florida and logged onto my computer, this popped up on my Google home page.

I think it’s so great that the world has chosen a special day to honor women. Of course, women in the United States have a far better situation than women in many other parts of the world, but we should ALL be honored today.

For the men reading this, you probably have female coworkers, friends and family members. I suggest you take a moment to acknowledge them. Don’t send flowers or a card; acknowledge their work, leadership and contributions as human beings.

For the women, pat yourselves on the back. Thank your mothers, aunts, bosses and coworkers who have paved the way for you and what you have access to today.

I am personally reminded of the strides women have made on a daily basis through my mother, Frieda. I think about what she did as she pioneered her way through the produce industry more than 50 years ago, when it was “a man’s world.” A day does not go by without someone telling me how inspiring my mom has been for them.

I look at my sister, who is also my business partner, and marvel at her strength as a breast cancer survivor.

I watch my daughters, Alex, who I work with every day, and Sophia, who I receive daily texts from as she plods through her freshman year in college in New York City. They are so strong and driven.

And I watch all the women I work with at Frieda’s, who I know in the produce industry and hundreds of other women I call my friends and have met in my journey of life.

And I say – “We’ve come a long way baby!”

So, today is a day to celebrate and acknowledge!

You go girl,


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