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Try This, Not That

As I continue my travels around the United States visiting supermarkets, I’ve noticed how all the cooking ingredients that are used for the upcoming holidays are now located closer to the front of the store. And the displays are bigger.

Pumpkin pie filling in cans, baking ingredients, bigger displays of potatoes and onions.

All this has made me start to think about what I’m going to make for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Every year, about 25 members of my family and close friends gather at my house. We have the traditional roasted turkey. And my longtime friends, the LeBayon’s (they’re from France) always bring steamed lobster. A variety of salads, side dishes, and vegetables round out the menu. It’s quite a feast.

But the big decision for me each year is what vegetables to prepare. Being the “vegetable lady” puts a little pressure on me to be somewhat innovative.

This year, I’ve decided to follow the advice that my company has been giving to our retail supermarket customers. We call it Try This, Not That(sm).

Instead of promoting regular russet potatoes for making mashed potatoes, we suggest featuring fingerling potatoes for roasting.

Instead of a regular bread and fresh herb flavored stuffing, we suggest using ingredients like pine nuts and dried cranberries.

And for dessert, instead of serving apple pie, we suggest Apple Pie Crepes (which are lighter and less caloric).

Here are my recipes, if you are interested!

It’s never too early to start planning your holiday meal. I hope you’ll experiment a little this year… If nothing else, maybe a new vegetable!


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