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What do you get when you cross Women and Agriculture?

I’ve heard for a very long time that there is no such thing as a coincidence! Ever since we read the book The Celestine Prophecy many years ago, my sister Jackie and I repeat that saying quite often.

So yesterday, as I opened up my Internet browser, I noticed that Google’s home page had an interesting image:


Ah – March 8th was International Women’s Day! You can read about the history of the holiday here, but I found it interesting that the United Nations theme this year is “Empower Women – End Hunger and Poverty.”

As I continued through the hundreds of emails that I received yesterday, I also discovered that March 8th is National Agriculture Day – a day when farmers, companies, government agencies and others join together to recognize the vital role of agriculture in our society.

For me, the fact that both these celebrations fall on the same day is a wonderful coincidence.

Growing up, when I thought of agriculture and farming, I always pictured male farmers out in the field. I thought of fathers passing the businesses on to their sons. I don’t think I ever imagined women playing a significant role at the farm level.

Well, now, I know better.

Not only were many of the family farms co-managed by husband and wife teams, but many of the daughters and granddaughters were raised to take on important roles in their family businesses.

At our annual produce industry convention in October, I had the good fortune of having two produce families stop by our booth for a visit. What is so interesting about these families is that both fathers were super proud that their daughters were joining them in their family businesses. (Because Frieda’s is still one of the few women-owned businesses in the produce industry, we often get introduced to young women in our industry so we can mentor and support them.)

Marchini Family

Here is the Joe Marchini Family, large growers of Radicchio — that bitter red lettuce — in Northern California. They also grow some amazing Marchini Almonds!

Reiter Family

And here is the Miles Reiter Family. Ever heard of or seen Driscoll’s Strawberries in your market? Well, Miles and his family are the primary growers and owners of Driscoll’s! Miles was especially proud that his two daughters have chosen to join him in their business.

My daughter, Alex, stopped by my office yesterday to ask me if I knew that March was Women’s History Month. In honor of this month, I want to share with you the women who have inspired me. Well, it’s no surprise that I didn’t have to look far…

Caplan Family of Frieda’s Inc.

My mother Frieda, and my sister, Jackie are two women who continue to inspire and support me. I hope you are as lucky as I am to have women in your life that inspire you every day!

Happy Women’s Day and Agriculture Day!


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