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I am krazy for Kale

When I wrote about kale last year (read my post here), I initially thought it was purely used as a garnish on a plate or in a supermarket display. I never really thought about eating it. Then I discovered a raw kale salad.

Last week, after writing about how Dr. Terry Wahls reversed the effects of multiple sclerosis by changing her diet, I changed my diet to include more raw vegetables. (I’ll write more about that at a later time).

I am now eating a raw kale salad for lunch every day. Like most working people, if I can find a pre-cut version of a food that tastes decent with no additives, I will likely purchase it. Time-saving is the name of the game for me.

So, imagine my happiness when I found an organic kale salad package at my local Ralphs Grocery store! I purchased one bag and tried it. Not bad. The shredded carrots and red cabbage add some color and a little flavor. I added a light vinaigrette dressing for the perfect salad.

Maybe it’s a new variety of kale that is not quite as chewy, but I found it very palatable and satisfying. And I am eating a RAW, dark green, cruciferous vegetable for lunch. I feel like I am instantly getting healthier.

A couple of lessons I’d like to share:

  • When produce shopping, take some extra time to look at the products you don’t normally purchase. New packaged produce items are always showing up. Maybe you’ll find something new that you’ve been looking for!
  • If you tried a fresh fruit or vegetable in the past and did not care for the taste, it doesn’t mean that you will have the same experience now. Farmers and seed companies are always developing “new and improved” varieties that have superior taste profiles. Seed companies have taken consumer feedback on flavor, texture, color and nutrition and I bet you’ll find some improvement at your local grocery store or farmers market.

Apparently, I am not the only shopper who has discovered kale and the health benefits. The California produce industry has been publishing research on what’s selling and what’s hot in produce departments in Northern and Southern California — and guess which vegetable has seen a 40 percent increase in purchases during the last year?

Yes, it is kale! Who would have thought?

I’m “krazy” for kale, and I think you might be, too, after you try it!

Good eating!

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